• Sketchup2GTA: III is now available!

    Export is now available for all 3 RenderWare based games!

    The exporter fully supports GTA: III, VC and SA export options for DFF, TXD, COL, IPL and IDE files.

    As always download is available on the GitHub release page.

    Requests, suggestions and questions can be done by creating a GitHub issue.

  • SA Support in Sketchup2GTA

    San Andreas support is now available in Sketchup2GTA!

    Starting from pre-release 0.7.0 it’s possible to export DFF, TXD, COL, IPL and IDE files in the San Andreas format. The COL file is still using the VC format, I’ve added the SA specific format to the projects roadmap. But first it’s GTA III’s turn!

  • Shadow-MSC and Shadow-MSP project pages

    I’ve added project pages for Shadow-MSC and MSP.

    • Shadow-MSC is a simple mission script compiler for GTA: VC.
    • Shadow-MSP is a plugin for IntelliJ that supports basic autocompletion and uses Shadow-MSC under the hood.
  • Website and SketchUp exporter update

    As you might have noticed the website got a small reskin. I’ve moved the blog from dedicated hosting to GitHub pages, and I love it (Who needs a CMS if you can use Git!).

    But that’s not all, I’ve also picked up a bit of modding by adding Vice City (DFF/COL/TXD) export support to the SketchUp plugin. Head over to the GitHub releases page and download the preview version.

  • Shadow-MSC

    I just released the first Alpha version of Shadow-MSC. Shadow-MSC is a basic compiler for the RenderWare based mission scripts. Current version only supports GTA: VC and only supports a main script, no threads, no missions.

    For more information visit the projects GitHub page.