• Website and SketchUp exporter update

    As you might have noticed the website got a small reskin. I’ve moved the blog from dedicated hosting to GitHub pages, and I love it (Who needs a CMS if you can use Git!).

    But that’s not all, I’ve also picked up a bit of modding by adding Vice City (DFF/COL/TXD) export support to the SketchUp plugin. Head over to the GitHub releases page and download the preview version.

  • Shadow-MSC

    I just released the first Alpha version of Shadow-MSC. Shadow-MSC is a basic compiler for the RenderWare based mission scripts. Current version only supports GTA: VC and only supports a main script, no threads, no missions.

    For more information visit the projects GitHub page.

  • V Sketchup support

    Version 0.5.0 of Sketchup2IV is now available. This release contains basic support for ODR and OTD export for V. I still have a bit of trouble getting OBN support to work, but it should be available soon.

    To export to V open the extensions menu, select GTA Version, and select GTA: V.

    As it’s now possible to export to multiple GTA versions, I renamed the exporter to Sketchup2GTA.

  • Bug fix release 0.4.2 for Sketchup2IV

    I’ve just released bug fix release 0.4.2 of the Sketchup2IV exporter. Exporting OTD files will now use relative paths instead of the fixed texture file paths.

    Get the latest version here.

  • Sketchup2IV 0.4.1 released

    I’ve fixed some big issues that caused problems when importing the OpenFormats files.

    The following fixes are included in release 0.4.1:

    • Fixed OpenFormats version in mesh files
    • Select export path for WPL files
    • Select export path for IDE files
    • Filter duplicates on IDE export
    • Fix UV coordinates

    As always the new version can be downloaded here.