Last week, we looked back at 2023. Now, let’s turn our gaze toward 2024!

As always, I have many projects swirling around in my head simultaneously. I aim to set a goal for the upcoming year: to finish or release at least one of my projects.

So, what projects do I have in mind for this year?

Game using OASE

I would like to create a small game using my own engine. I’ve been contemplating some concepts and am eager to bring those ideas to life.

Elevating OASE VC to the Next Level

The engine can currently run a basic and very buggy version of the game, and there is still much room for improvement. The aspects I would like to enhance the most are player/vehicle movement, map streaming, and audio.

Wake-Up Light

For my son, I’ve developed an Arduino-based wake-up light. You can use your phone to set different times to turn the light on and choose the color that should be used. The various colors indicate different states.

For example:

  • Dark blue: Go back to sleep; it’s the middle of the night.
  • Orange: It’s almost time to get out of bed.
  • Green: You are allowed to get out of bed.

III Era Modding YouTube Channel

As someone who began their programming career in the III era modding scene (thanks to Mission Builder!), I’ve always had a soft spot for III era modding. I’ve been contemplating a return to it and creating YouTube tutorials about III era modding.

That’s it for this year; see you in 2024!

Some exciting projects to anticipate. I hope to successfully tackle at least one of them.

I wish you all the best for 2024!