I already mentioned it in my previous post, but I am tired of the Chip-8 on N64 project… I got distracted once again.

This time by an old favorite of mine; Shadow-MSP. The Intellij plugin that I build to support GTA 3D mission scripting.

A couple of years ago the original mission script sources got leaked (thanks Grovestreet games!) which helped understand the original SCM structure. TheLink2012 build an amazing toolchain and compiler called gta3sc. This can be used to compile the original sources to the main.scm as we know it.

There is a plugin for VSCode, but nothing for Intellij. Luckily I already had a plugin lying around for exactly this purpose, mission script support in Intellij. So I started adding support for the original GTA 3D scripting languages using gta3sc as the compiler.

Of course, we are not there yet; the plugin is very slow, and it’s missing some key features like compiling. Features I am working on as we speak. Expect more details soon!