After taking a break from OASE (did I ever mention this project before?) to work on some other side projects, I wanted to work on it a bit.

Last time I worked on the engine the MacOS version had some depth rendering issues, so I decided to dive into the issue and fixed it pretty quickly. With the issue sorted out I decided it was time to do a bit of work on the main menu. Playing around with the stencil buffer to implement the dynamic background gave me the following result:

OASE Main Menu

Not only the look of the menu is starting to look like the real deal, thanks to the great documentation on, I was also able to implement loading and saving of the gta_vc.set file and actually use the values stored in the file for the draw distance and language.

That’s it for now, I might post a bit more info about the OASE engine and the progress I’ve been making in the future.