Pocket ball is a mix of pool and king of the hill. Every pocket on the table can be claimed by a player. The amount of balls in a pocket indicate the current score. When all the balls have been pocketed the game is over, the player that owns the highest amount of pocketed balls wins the game.


  • A pool table

Depending on the type of table:

Table that keeps the balls in the pockets:

  • A different colored chip for every player (we use beer caps)

Table that returns a pocketed ball:

  • A stack of 9 chips in the same color for every player (every player should have its own color).

Getting started

Decide the player order

You can choose any method you want to determine the order of the players. We usually decide this by letting everyone shoot a ball and the player who gets the ball closest to the nearer end rail starts, then the second closest etc…

The rules

Claiming a pocket

When a pocket is unclaimed the first player to put a ball in the pocket claims the pocket. The color of the ball doesn’t matter as long as it’s not the white or 8-ball.

Once you claimed a pocket you put one of your colored chips next to the pocket. This indicates that the pocket is now yours.

If you are playing on a table where the balls don’t stay in their pocket.

For every ball that you put in this pocket you add a chip to your stack to indicate the amount of balls that are currently in that pocket.

Pocketing a ball in a claimed pocket

If you pocket a ball in a claimed pocket that is yours, lucky you. You just scored another point. Did you pocket a ball in a pocket claimed by someone else? You just gave your opponent a point.

Stealing a pocket

Of course claimed pockets can be stolen. By pocketing the 8-ball in a claimed pocket, the pocket becomes yours.


Pocketing the 8-ball in your own pocket will free up that pocket for anyone else, so be careful!


What happens if you pocket a ball, but also pocket the white ball?

The ball will stay in the pocket, but goes into an unclaimed state.