The Game Jam is a school project where everyone got to create a game within 5 days. The theme of this years Game Jam was “Casual”.

You can do this in any language you want. Again we chose for the XNA framework. On this page I’ll keep you uptodate with our progress.

Our team consists of 4 designers and two coders. (I am one of the coders).

Day 1

Today we thought about what game we wanted to create. After playing some games on the web for inspiration we decided to create a sort of mix between “The Lemmings” and “The company of myself”. Which are both, in my opinion, pretty addictive and awesome games.

Day 2

It’s been a long day of coding and we made some big progress today. The sprites has been made we can walk around and the “retrace your steps” algoritm is pretty much done.

The result of day 2:


Day 3

Not much progress has been made today. Some coding behind the scenes so no new screenshots.

Day 4

Today we pretty much finished the game. All game mechanics work just some small bugs left.

Day 5

We fixed the last couple of bugs before the final presentation.

The results (Still day 5)

I felt pretty good about our game. It’s original, has a nice style and feels like an actual game overal. A lot of people played our game and thought it was to hard and slow at first, but when they got the hang of it, they enjoyed it very much.

At the end we didn’t win the GameJam but ended second. But we did get the award for most popular game. Most people voted for our game!